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Easy flash templates developed to simplify editing process. Create professional website and save your time and money.
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Easy Flash Website Templates (Dynamic Flash templates) - NEW type templates which has been specially produced for easy editing. This is Easy Flash Template. Easy flash template differs from regular flash template in structure. Our Easy (Dynamic) Flash Templates allow you to edit your text, button labels, email form, background music, and pictures in Notepad or any other text editor, so absolutely no Flash experience nor a copy of Flash is required, as all the content of the template is stored in the external text.html file, which can be easily edited in any text or HTML editor.

We have added video page in some easy flash templates presented on this page. those templates are marked as Easy Flash Video. Read more about Easy Video Flash Templates.

Easy Mail Form - Simply write your e-mail address in the mail.php file which is in the template's package and your contact form is ready to go. Actually in Easy Flash Template everything can be edited in Notepad except template's design itself, but if you still want to change the design of Easy Flash Template, let's take your skills and Adobe Flash version 8.0 software which can be downloaded from their web site.

Please check out the help file if needed