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Flash Photo Gallery FAQ

Have questions about how to edit flash photo gallery? How to install? How to add photos? Find answers here!
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Flash Photo Gallery FAQ

  1. How to start? (which files should be upload on the server and how?)
  2. How to set "permission"?
  3. How to install GalleryAdmin flash template on the server?
  4. How to create or rename the categories by Admin Cpanel?
  5. How to insert images into the template by Admin Cpanel?
  6. How to insert the Author's name into the template?
  7. How to rename button names?
  8. How to insert or replace the content (text) into the template?

Easy flash template FAQ

Q: When I add images they do not show up in my Gallery Admin tool. They also don't show up in the Flash webpage but I do see them in the new folders created on the server. A: You use images with .JPG (all uppercases) extension please change this to .jpg (all lowercases)

Q: I use the & symbol in the gallery names, and now can not see any images. A: The & symbol is not supported and should therefore not be used.

Q: Does each Admin + Gallery Template comes with the respective source files? A: Yes, we do provide you with the FLA (Flash source files) as well.

Q: How do I set the correct size for the thumbnails and/or photo's? A: All galleryAdmin templates include a size.txt file, where you can find the correct image size for the thumbnails and/or photo's.

Q: Can I add URL's (hyper links) in the bodtext of the template? A: Yes, Just open the text.html page in notepad and enter
<a href="http://www.sitename.com">click here</a>

Q: I do not see a radio button to put the photo's on the main page? A: During our latest update we have removed this radio button and now we will put the first picture in the photo list off each category on your main page. You can simply drag the picture in the admin galley interface to the top position if needed.

Q: How do I change the name of template in the blue browser bar? A: Open the index.html page in Notepad, and change the content between the <title>..........</title> tags, save your index.html file and upload it.

Q: Why are these templates loading so fast? A: The templates load fast because all the pictures are located outside the Flash file, and only if the user wants to see a certain picture by clicking on it's smaller thumbnail, the larger picture will be loaded into the Flash file. In this manner you can have hundreds of pictures and still get a fast loading website.

Q: How do I replace the small pictures in the about, contact us , services, etc. sections? A: This again can be done directly in the "text.html" file, by simply changing the HTML code that refers to the respective picture, for example <img src="photo2.jpg"> all you need to do is to change photo2.jpg to a new filename, and make sure this picture is indeed uploaded to your we server.

Q: How do I replace the sound file? A: The sound file are also kept external so you can simply replace the one we used with your own music, or you can remove the sound file if you don't want to hear any music at all.

Q: Does your template support other languages such as Spanish, German, France, Greek, etc.? A: This article can help you localize your template.

Q: How do Ichange the font size of the logo/header in the template? A: In the text.html file you can set the font size in the following manner. &name1=<font size="20">Paul Rowson</font>

Q: I try to edit the FLA file but when I save the FLA I see many errors? A: To solve this please export the file to the same directory as where you got all the other files, as the swf file communicates with the text.html file.

Q:I use Flash CS3 / Flash CS4 and have done the above but still got a problem. A:When you want to edit the FLA file in Flash CS3 you need to make some additional changes to the FLA file

Q: When I try to logon to the admin area it requests for a password and user id where can I find them.? A: Please open the config.php file in notepad where you will see your username and password.

Q: Why can I not create any new categories.? A: To fix this you need to set the permission 777 to for the "categories.mdb" file.

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