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Learn how to edit flash photo gallery website template and how to create or rename the categories with admin panel.?
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Flash Photo Gallery Help

How to create or rename categories with admin panel?

After entering your Admin Cpanel http://www.yourdomain.com/admin.php you should create your gallery categories. For this you should fill in "Add new category" your category name for example "Archtecture" and click on the "ADD" button. The category is successfelly added to your template. Go on adding proccess - Maximum 6 categories in total.


If you want to rename any categories in future (for example rename "Architecture" to "City") do the following:
click on the blue button next to the "Archtecture"


and in the "NEW CATEGORY NAME" field write the new category name, in our case it's "City" then click "Submit Query"


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  4. How to create or rename the categories by Admin Cpanel?
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  6. How to insert the Author's name into the template?
  7. How to rename button names?
  8. How to insert or replace the content (text) into the template?
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