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Flash photo gallery help

How to rename button names?

Open the file named "text.html".
(To open it you can by any text editor like as "Notepad".)
And replace the given button names with yellow background by yours. Save your file (save as) "text.html" and upload it on your server.


  1. How to start? (which files should be upload on the server and how?)
  2. How to set "permission"?
  3. How to install GalleryAdmin flash template on the server?
  4. How to create or rename the categories by Admin Cpanel?
  5. How to insert images into the template by Admin Cpanel?
  6. How to insert the Author's name into the template?
  7. How to rename button names?
  8. How to insert or replace the content (text) into the template?
  9. FAQ

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