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Video Gallery Flash Template

Easy flash template with video section. Video gallery can be edited via the convenient admin panel. All texts on the website are edited from a .TXT file and you can edit it by using any text editor.
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Video Gallery Flash Template

What is Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery?

Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery is an easy and powerful tool for setting up and running a gallery of images on your Flash website. It is by far the most prominent solution for photographers and artists as it focuses on the really impressive layout and usability.


What about family photo gallery? Collect your photos in one place and shere it with your friends and kinsfolk. Birthdays, hollydays, vacations and other stuff you can easily place in your web gallery using GalleryAdmin Flash Template! The template is called "Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries" as it is created by Admin Control Panel to make it easy and comfortable controlling of image insertion process. Incredibly handy to manage your gallery - just create the category you like, for example "Summer hollidays 2007" and insert appropriate pictures in that category. Create another category and place another pictures and so on.

After installation of the template on your server (the installation process is very easy and takes just a minute and it doesn't need phpMyAdmin and MySQL support) you can easily insert your photo-images in different template categories. During installation process you have to point maximum sizes (width and height) of your photos and thumbnails. If the sizes of your photos is larger than it is pointed in the process of installation, the program will notify you about size overdoing and it will not place the given photo in the gallery. So, you need not to worry about the look of your gallery. It is similar to "spell ckeking" system. Your gallery will always look proffesionally and images always in rank.